dif|fer|ence [ `dıf(ə)rəns ] noun ***
1. ) count or uncount something that makes one thing or person not the same as another thing or person:
cultural/social/political differences
difference between: What's the difference between these two computers?
difference in: There's a big difference in the attitudes of town and country people.
significant/marked/major difference: the significant difference in sound quality between CDs and records
slight/subtle/minor differences: There are subtle differences in their arrangement of the music.
crucial/essential/fundamental difference: The fundamental difference between John and Jake is their attitudes to money.
─ opposite SIMILARITY
2. ) count usually singular the amount by which one thing is different from another thing:
The same car costs $500 less here which is quite a difference!
age/price/temperature difference: Despite this age difference, they fell in love.
a world of difference (=a very big difference): There's a world of difference between liking someone and wanting to marry them.
3. ) differences plural disagreements about something:
trying to smooth out differences between them
have your differences: Joe and I have had our differences, but we work well together.
resolve/settle your differences: The two parties agreed to settle their differences.
irreconcilable differences (=disagreements that cannot be settled): Journalists were told the talks had broken down because of irreconcilable differences.
difference of opinion
a disagreement about something:
We had a slight difference of opinion over the design.
make a difference
1. ) to have an important effect on something, especially a good effect:
make a difference to: This scheme will certainly make a difference to the way I do my job.
2. ) something that makes a lot of difference has a good effect on a person or situation:
make a big/a great deal of/a lot of difference: The fact that I can now organize my own time makes a big difference.
make all the difference (to someone): Having someone to talk to made all the difference to my mother.
make no/little difference
to not be important or not have any effect:
Anybody can enjoy yoga, and your age makes absolutely no difference.
make no/little difference to: The news made little difference to his plans.
tell the difference
1. ) to notice what is different between similar people or things:
tell the difference between: How do you tell the difference between the kittens?
2. ) to notice what has changed about someone or something:
She said she'd had her hair cut, but I couldn't tell the difference.
with a difference
used for saying that something is more interesting or unusual than other similar things:
It was a wedding with a difference the bride wore black!

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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